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Loan sought for a term of 2 months. It will be shown which well-known providers offer loans with such short duration. If a loan is only needed for 2 months, the disposition on the current account is a good choice, despite high interest rates, if the required amounts fit. Word has spread among bank customers that overdrafts are among the most expensive loans. There is no processing fee for this loan and the interest rate does not depend on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

Small loans for 2 months

Small loans for 2 months

Small loans for 2 months are not to be had as installment loans from financial institutions, savings banks and credit institutions. The usual duration starts here from 12 months. For the 60-day loan, therefore, both special loan agencies for short-term loans and framework loans are eligible, which are provided on advantageous terms for the rapid repatriation of direct banking institutions.

With a framework loan characterized by a variable borrowing rate and variable repayment options and not linked to maturity dates, the micro-loan is available for 2 months, provided that the conditions for granting the loan are met. These include the age of the majority of the debtor, a fixed rate of interest of a certain size, and creditworthiness.

If this is the case, a framework loan can be established from a loan amount of 2,500 USD. The framework loan Metabank has z. B. a borrowing rate in the amount of the repayment rate. Anyone who has fully repaid their microcredit in two months will receive lower interest rates than if the term is spread over six or twelve months.

Another option for taking out a loan for 60 days is the framework loan of VWB. A framework loan brings many benefits to the borrower. In this way, he can dispose of the entire loan amount granted directly or in required parts. The repayment amount is variable, usually a small monthly amount has to be paid for longer periods, otherwise the borrower can repay the loan at any time to a certain extent or in any installments.

But also the credit line is tempting.

But also the credit line is tempting.

By repaying the loan is increased again and a new sale up to the maximum amount is possible. On the Internet portal, the company provides the small loan offer for 2 months as transitional financing. This offer is available to all interested parties who have already completed a short-term loan from us and repaid it on time.

New customers receive the express credit for 30 days and a maximum of 500 USD. The micro-loan for 60 days is available for between 1000 and 3000 USD. The refund will be made in two installments. The offerer also offers a loan amount of 50 USD for a refund within 60 days in two installments.

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